Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Few Rules

Welcome to the third annual DrabDayMoMay!! I am so excited to write and read along with all of you. As always, please feel free to invite friends to write and read with us.

There are a few changes this year so read on for further information.

I know in past years, tags have been left up to the discretion of the writer. This year, we are going to make the tags work for us. Please tag your name and the date so that we, the eager readers, can easily find drabbles by author or date. For example, I willl be tagging my drabble tomorrow with "Nicole Mclernon" and the date "May 1, 2013". Please keep the date in that format. Feel free to add in your own additional tags as well.

Super Saturday
As always, I will be posting the Super Saturday title on the Thursday prior. When you post your Super Saturday drabbles, make sure to also tag them with "Super Saturday" and whatever the title is. That way, we can easily find those drabbles.

Remember, drabbles are exactly 100 words in length. If you're not able to post every day, that is totally fine.

I'm so looking forward to this!! Write away, my friends!!

PS If you haven't already, like the DrabDayMoMay page on Facebook. I'll be posting updates and such there as well.

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Showers bring May Flowers... and Drabbles Too

It's April, folks. That precious diamond month that comes right before May. And as we all know, May is good for many things. The end of the spring semester for college students. Memorial Day picnics. Sunshine. A general feeling of joy and happiness. 

And drabbles.

In case you don't know, or have forgotten, what a drabble is, let me explain. A drabble is a short form piece of writing. Some people say it's around 100 words but they, bless their souls, are wrong. It is, in fact, 100 words exactly. It can be fiction or not. Poetry or prose. Your choice. 

DrabDayMoMay is a challenge to write a drabble every single day in this month of 31 days. On Saturdays, I, your old DrabbleMaster, assign a title for all the participants to use. You don't have to use that title - it's just more fun if you do. And then, every day, you post your work here on the blog. 

DrabDayMoMay is coming. Get ready.