Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trusting (for) 5.31.2011

I am afraid. 
Afraid for him, his soul. 
If I hold onto him tightly
Maybe I’ll save him.
But I can’t. 
I can only speak into his life. 
I have to leave it to God.
It’s so hard to see God’ll work
Because he’s so stubborn. 
But God can save him. 
I must trust. 
But I’m afraid.
I’m afraid to lose him. 
He means so much to my life.
I realized recently how much I love him.
And then I realized how important his soul is. 
I must show true love by preaching the Truth to him. 
I am trusting. 

(I know it's not real poetry.. but.. it's my 100 words for the 31st. :) ) 

My Head Hurts (for) 5.29.2011

My mind is so drained. So much knowledge is being stuffed into it, it’s getting a little cramped up here! 
So many amazing speakers and such amazing interactions with the Holy Spirit during worship.
The conversations flowing around the conference center are not flippant everyday conversations. They are discussions of the messages, sharing of how God is meeting with them all. 
The Holy Sprit is working in NEXT in amazing, powerful, revealing ways. 
Late night conversations with friends, deepening those friendships and sharing in thick voices how God is revealing things to us that we were not aware of. 

Colours (for) 5.28.2011

The artist looked at her empty white palette and then back at her almost white paper, the beginning of her panting drawn in careful lines. 
She looked back at the palette and hesitantly took her paintbrush, a tube of colour. This was a colour of her happiness, the sky, and the ocean. And then she grabbed the colour of rich dirt. Steadily gaining confidence she continued to mix her various paints, ready, she paused, smiled and wet down her paper. 
WIth steady strokes her brush moved across the paper. Her colours blossomed and spread, creating a vibrant portrait of life. 

Car Trips (for) 5.27.2011

Car trip.  [I find pretty much everything funny on long car trips. I also think I’m hilarious….]
Four in the morning. Sleeping. 
Traffic. Empty highway. 
Cool cars [A ferrari] 
Massachusetts, Connecticut. New Jersey. Delaware. Some of Maryland. All on one tank of gas. 
Funny signs.
“AT&T are proud supporters of the Yankees” [Up at the corner of the bill board said “Rethink Possible” I find that intensely amusing] 
“Picking up or discharging passengers is strictly prohibited” [I also find that amusing] 
“Congested Area up ahead” [Poor area… all stuffed up all the time]
This is the trip to NEXT.

There's Always Next Year

Well, folks, May is officially over. It's been a fun ride. I've loved reading your drabbles. The precision of language and the beauty of finding the exact right word has been so fun to see. I hope you'll join me next year in DrabDayMoMay 2012. I am so proud of all of you for writing whatever you did. I hope that you all use your writing talents to do amazing things.

Job well done!!

5.31.11 luminous - a drabble of 100 words

Sixty-two years is a long time. Did you always hold her hand the way you are right now? I wish I could see her with your eyes. When I look at her I see a frail, fragile woman, with wrinkles and sagging skin. I see an old woman confused, who doesn’t even remember that she’s in the hospital and still thinks it’s 1972. What do you see, when you look at her? Do you see the girl you married? The mother of your children? Your lover? I guess you think she’s still beautiful.

Did you know you’re making me cry?

5.30.11 gossamer - a drabble of 100 words

The little fairy fingers in the little fairy grove are full of winsome mischief so it’s best to be careful. Don’t speak too loudly for they don’t like clamor. Don’t speak too softly either, for they don’t like being surprised. It’s best to come confident and calm, assured and aware. Don’t frighten them for the fairies are marvelous jokesters but it’s very hard for them when the joke’s on them. However, if you speak kindly and carefully, they may just peek out and giggle with you. It might help, as well, if you bring gifts.

Remember, they delight in avocados.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5.28.11 Colours - a drabble of 100 words

Show your colours. Show your bravery or cowardice. Show your mercy or judgment. Show grace or anger.

Raise up the flag on the mast. Define your allegiance. Tell me, stranger, who you are. Identify your side. It’s a war, soldier, and you can’t sit on the sidelines. Run up the white flag if those are your colours. Just remember, it’s hard to change sides in the middle of the battle, brother.

Hear the trumpet call and take up your arms. Because they’ll wrap you in those colours and ship you back to Eden when your number is called.

Get ready.

5.29.11 aerial - a drabble of 100 words

Twinkling lights, like a diamonds on the earth’s surface, sparkle up at me. The blues and the yellows shine forth against the darkness. They sparkle, wink. My heart sings with them, breaking in the midst of so much beauty.

It’s almost enough to make me forget that each house, just barely a pinprick from this height, represents a family. Each car, with their headlights illuminating just the tiniest bit in front of them, is at least one human life. Hello, all you people down there, with your diamond lights shining up at me. Do you know how beautiful you are?

El Fin (5.31.11) * sniff *

No more the music plays. No more the audience laughs and weeps. No more the actors act. Empty is the auditorium, everyone is gone. And alone I sit upon the empty stage. Reliving and replaying the play that’s said and done. Stand I now, upon the stage, where the actors once did. And take I a gracious bow, with not but space to see. The clapping crowds and cheering multitude now have all gone home. But here I am upon the stage, bowing all alone. I spring off the stage, and run through the door.

The thick red curtain on the stage has fallen, once more.